Building Materials

At O.C. Cluss, we supply top-of-the-line building material products for our region’s contractors and builders. If you have a question about any of the products listed, please contact us.

Owens Corning® Pink Fiberglas® Insulation

  • Kraft-faced and Unfaced
  • Attic Blanket

Insulation Sheathing

  • Exterior Sheathings
  • Dow® Styrofoam Blue Board

Plasterboard Products and Metal Studs

  • Standard Drywall
  • Fireshield
  • Moisture- and Mold-Resistant
  • Kal-Kore

Concrete and Masonry Mixes & Treatments

  • Quikrete Products
  • Masonry Sealers
  • Bonding Agents

Land & Hardscaping